Dubai isn’t just a popular place to own aircraft, with large numbers of chartered flights coming and going from the glamorous emirate every year. We’ve collated the most popular private jets to charter in Dubai.

The most popular private jets to charter in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is renowned for its wealthy residents and their lavish lifestyles. Home to an incredible 600 private aircraft, the small Middle Eastern country is also a popular destination for private jet charters – particularly in the glamorous emirate of Dubai. Here’s our round-up of the most popular private jets to charter in Dubai.


Embraer Legacy 600 & 650

The Legacy 600 is an excellent option for mid- to long-haul flights. It’s one of the only aircraft in its category to offer three distinct seating areas so passengers can work, sleep or dine in peace. The enormous inflight-accessible baggage compartment means that even when full, each of the 13 passengers can travel with a large suitcase and carry-on baggage.

The upgraded Legacy 650 extends the aircraft’s range by 15%, allowing passengers to make a quick hop from Dubai to Singapore (depending on variables) before flying non-stop to Melbourne, Australia.

Bombardier Global Express and upgrades

The Global Express and Global 6000 (also dubbed the Express XRS) are two of Bombardier’s biggest-ever aircraft and rank among the world’s longest-range private jets, with around 12 hours of flight time. Both models have large cabins, with the upgraded 6000 offering plenty of space and legroom for 14 passengers depending on configuration (19 pax). 

The newer Global 5500/6500 models feature improved cabins, lower operating costs and better range than their predecessors. Optimised wings give a top speed of Mach 0.90, while updated Rolls-Royce Pearl engines burn up to 13% less fuel than the competition.

Gulfstream G450

Another popular private jet for Dubai charters, the Gulfstream G450 is a long-range, twin-engine business jet that can fly up to 16 passengers. Its large and luxurious cabin features Gulfstream’s signature oval-shaped windows, which let in lots of natural light.

Capable of covering 5,000 miles and flying non-stop for over nine hours, the G450’s comparatively low charter rates and sizable baggage compartment make it a fantastic all-round heavy jet for both daytime and overnight flights.

Hawker 800XP & 900XP

Hawker’s 800XP and 900XP are two of the world’s most popular private jets, with few mid-range aircraft able to match their winning combination of comfort, cabin size and range. Typically able to fly up to eight passengers, both are also well-priced for one- or two-passenger charters, allowing them to win clients who may otherwise opt for a smaller jet.

The 800XP replaced the Hawker 800 in 1995, while deliveries of the 900XP began in 2008. Building on the 850XPs success, the 900XP is faster and has greater range and better fuel economy than its predecessor. On board you'll find a well-equipped galley, spacious enclosed lavatory and storage cupboard; while LCD touch-screens allow passengers to control the cabin temperature, lighting and entertainment options.

Embraer Lineage 1000

The Embraer Lineage 1000 is an ultra-modern aircraft that can seat 19 passengers in spacious and lavish interiors. Additional fuel tanks give this impressive business jet almost double the range of the commercial version, while top-of-the-range stabilisers and turbulence detection technology guarantee a smooth flight.

With nearly 70 square metres of cabin floor space, there’s room onboard for five seating zones tailored to business, dining, leisure and sleep. The aircraft’s onboard technology, design and modern engines keep operating costs low compared to other VIP business jets, which in turn makes the Lineage 1000 a surprisingly cost-effective charter option.

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