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AIRBUS A320-200

Airbus A320-200


The A320-200 model may be classed as a narrow body airliner, but the aircraft’s 3.96-meter-wide fuselage provides wider seats, more room for carry-on baggage and the ability to load containerised cargo in the lower hold. The A320-200 features 12 first class and 138 economy class seats in the widest cabin available for single-aisle jetliners.

Able to fly distances of up to 4,000 miles at 511mph and at altitudes of up to 36,000ft, powered by either CFM International LEAP-1A in the CEO (current engine option) model, or Pratt & Whitney PW1100G engines in the NEO (new engine option) model, this executive airliner makes for an ideal private charter aircraft for city-hopping.

Interior design

Because of the extra width, the layout of the A320 is more flexible than most in its size category, with options to accommodate 4, 5 or 6 seats abreast layouts. Not only that, but the extra width also offers opportunity for wider seats and a wider aisle, making it more comfortable and better suited to private charter flights. The overhead luggage compartments are larger too, making it popular with business travellers who prefer traveling with only carry-on luggage.

Technological features

With a completely modern look and feel to the cabin, featuring new in-flight entertainment systems, noise reduction, and touch screen displays that the cabin crew use to control the cabin, the A320 is packed with features that enhance the experience and comfort of travellers. The cabin is lit by LEDs for ambient lighting and offers a new air filtration system, keeping the cabin fresh and free of bad odours. A brand new galley design also reduces weight and improves food hygiene and recycling.

The A320 features fly-by-wire and side-sticks controls, and was the world’s first series production aircraft to do so. This model also features more efficient engines along with the addition of winglets, called sharklets by Airbus, that reduce the drag of fixed wing aircraft and makes for more efficient flight.

Past and present

On 26th February 1988, the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) issued the type certificate for the Airbus A320. After hitting the market in March of the same year, Airbus began to rapidly expand the A320 family towards what it is today.

First in the product line for Airbus was the A300, a twin-aisle twin-engined aircraft, with a shorter reworked variant called the A310. The success of the first aircraft rolled out from Airbus led to the development of the A320, which continues to be a massive commercial success to this day.


Airbus SE, also known as the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company, stands as the world’s second biggest multinational aerospace and defence company.

While having ceased production on a number of products, Airbus still has a number of aircraft in its production line:

  • A220 – Twin-engined, single aisle, 130-160 seater.
  • A319 – Twin-engined, single aisle, shortened variant of the A320.
  • A320 – Twin-engined, single aisle, 150-180 seater.
  • A321 – Twin-engined, single aisle, lengthened variant of the A320.
  • A330 – Twin-engined, single aisle, 300-400 seater.
  • A350 – Twin-engined, single aisle, 350-440 seater.

Interesting facts

Airbus was undergoing studies of a replacement to the A320 family of aircraft, looking for ways to increase performance and efficiency. The new family of aircraft, referred to as the ‘New Short-Range Aircraft’, had a 9-10% projected efficiency over the A320. Airbus instead opted to enhance the existing A320 line, adding new winglets and working on aerodynamic improvements.


In 1988, the value of a new Airbus A320 was around $30 million, though by 1990 prices had risen to about $40 million. Today, a new Airbus A320 model will set you back up to $101 million; so unless you have that kind of budget you might want to shop around for a pre-owned model, or travel by private charter.

Where to buy

A number of aircraft resale sites have several variants of the A320 listed for sale, though prices seem to vary greatly depending on the model and year of production. has several listings for A320 models, ranging in price from $20 million to $60 million.

Charter rates

The Airbus A320 can accommodate up to 180 passengers in a lavish and modern interior, and rates for charter can vary depending on the length of the trip and what airports you fly in and out of. The average charter rate for an A320 aircraft is about $15,000 per hour, but can vary greatly.

If you would like to book your private charter flight on the Airbus A320-200, then get in touch with our team so we can get you off the ground as soon as possible. If you would like to look at alternative charter options, then browse our list of available private aircraft.


Diagram of Airbus A320-200


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