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Private jet charter to Russia

Russia is immense, and the diversity found within its borders is simply breath-taking. It’s not only the beautiful cities, home to stunning architecture, history and creativity, but the landscapes and the emptiness, such a contrast to those vibrant bustling cities. Because of its size, traversing Russia can be somewhat time-consuming by road or rail, so why not charter a private jet to Russia to make the most of your time here.

Whilst Russia is vast, the majority of its people are found in its cities, Moscow and Saint Petersburg are two of its largest, and most well-known. If you’re visiting Moscow you’ll have plenty to keep you busy. From the historic Kremlin, Red Square and St Basil’s Cathedral to the ballerinas at the Bolshoi and the dance clubs of the city centre, it has it all. St Petersburg is equally magnificent, with UNESCO World Heritage Site status and a treasure trove of architecture, art and culture. Known as the ‘Venice of the North’ due to its abundance of bridges spanning countless canals, St Petersburg is also well-known for its White Nights, long summer evenings when the sun barely dips beneath the horizon.

There are of course plenty of other cities well worth a visit, some for their history, some for their culture but others, for their sun and snow. Sochi, famed as the home of the 2014 Winter Olympics offers revellers a subtropical summer escape, with plenty of bars, clubs and parks. Just outside the city of Sochi, and during the winter months, you’ll find snow sports in abundance. The Olympics themselves took place in the neighbouring resort of Adler, and Krasnaya Polyana, a mountain village. There are, of course, plenty of other places to enjoy winter pursuits across this vast country.

When it comes to food and drink, Russia seems to have a hard time shaking the stereotypical stew and vodka combination. Whilst both are historically very important, there is far more varied cuisine on offer nowadays. With immigration between European countries as well as the world, you’ll find plenty of Georgian restaurants as well as Azerbaijani eateries across the country, and practically everything within the big cities. When it comes to vodka, there are a few favourites, though regionally they will differ. Stolichnaya, Russian Standard and Putinka are all available across the country and offer a good introduction to Russian vodka.

To see even a small percentage of this epic country you’ll need to travel, so book a private jet with Air Charter Service to Russia, and fly between destinations ensuring you spend your time exploring.



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